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SimpleSD speed dating events offer a simple and fresh alternative for singles looking to meet that special someone all over Melbourne! There is no need for bells and whistles – only an easy-to-use App with instant results in a casual, relaxed environment.



How it works

  1. Book your seat at our next event – We’ll always pick venues we’d be happy to go to for dinner – central, coffee cred, and no ‘empty classroom’ feels.
  2. Meet likeminded Melbournians using our SimpleSD app – available for Android or iOS, our innovative approach to Speed Dating means no nametags, no paperwork, and a lot less awkwardness.
  3. Receive your matches within an hour of the event – You can even choose to share your instagram, LinkedIn, Twitter – whatever makes you look better! 😉


About us

Hey! We are Sodaba and Kingsley – a Melbourne couple who met at a speed dating event in 2014, recently got married and adopted a fur baby, Chi.


Even though the event worked for us – we both felt that the atmosphere and ‘analogue’ format of speed dating was due for an upgrade. We wanted to remove the obvious nametags, the feeling of walking into an exam hall, and most importantly, the awkward piece of paper that you’d have to hide from your next ‘date’.


Let’s face it – waiting more than 48 hours to receive your matches is enough to kill the tiny flames of passion that you developed in a few minutes…


So we started SimpleSd. Speed dating at awesome venues around Melbourne, using a discreet app, with instant results.


App functionality

  • Make a quick profile for the evening, including a selfie (instead of a nametag)
  • View all your ‘dates’ for that event on your phone, including their pictures
  • Choose Like / Dislike / Friend, discreetly and privately – no paperwork
  • Share your Facebook, instagram, Twitter, LinkedIn profile with your matches (if you choose)
  • Receive instant results (within an hour of the event)



Rules of engagement


  1. We don’t want no scrubs! Put a little effort in – after all, you might meet the person of your dreams. Leave the activewear at home.
  2. Fun first. Come prepared to have a fun night out – whether you meet your soul mate or not, we’ll guarantee you’ll have some great conversations.
  3. R-E-S-P-E-C-T. We’re all in the same boat, so give people a chance, be on time and basically don’t be a douche.
  4. You’re in control. While we give you the option to share your social media and contact details with your matches, it’s completely up to you and we will guard your private information with our lives.